Wednesday, 27 July 2011

About this blog

According to wikipedia 'paranormal' can be defined as "experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation". Simply said it refers to an observation, phenomenon or event which defies our normal perceptions of this world and reality.

Those of us who are keener, observant and curious tend to stumble upon this 'other reality' quite more often than others and sometimes even the other simpler minded of our fellows find themselves confronted by this paranormal reality.

We're a few friends who've had more than our fair share of supernatural experiences. At first we probably got scared and tried to ignore, suppress or rationalize these events (all these are defense mechanisms) but after many years and hearing stories from so many folk in our area including friends and relatives, we've come to terms with this reality and now it's time to uncover these mysteries and dig a bit deeper into the truth.

So we setup this blog to share the local stories, investigate further and co-relate our local myths and mysteries with existent historical and global knowledge on these subjects.

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