Friday, 29 July 2011

The corpse eating goat-like creature - 110 years ago true story

This is a true event my grandmother told me and it happened to my grandmother's great grandmother.
In those days there used to be no airplanes, no buses and no cars especially not in the subcontinent, there were a only a few dirt roads but for most part of the country there were practically no roads and people would use the sun, moon, stars and landmarks to travel.
One day my great great great grandfather became fatally ill and in those days there were no doctors but there were 'Peers' (spiritual healers) and a few 'Hakeem' (herbal medicine users), so his wife (my great.g.g.grandmother) decided to take him to a renowned Hakeem who was also her distant relative but he lived in another city about 400 km away. She packed much of their belongings, hired a cart driver (it was common to travel by cart), got her ill husband and took off. It was a long journey taking about 9 days, most of the journey was through a jungle, which had practically no roads but there were lots of clear spaces and the sky was easily visible at all times. They used to travel by day and rest by night.
Finally they reached the Hakeem and stayed with him so that he could treat her husband. They stayed there 2 moths but her husbands condition only got worse until one day the Hakeem told her that her husband wasn't going to make it and that she better head back home before he dies.
So disappointed and grieved she again hired a cart and headed back for home. Her husband by now wasn't able to move much so he kept sleeping all the time. It was during this time on the return journey that something strange started happen. The cart driver and the wife started to see something which would appear far away but disappear once they looked, they thought it was probably an animal but wondered why it would be following them for so many days?
5 days into the journey the husband died ! the wife cried of-course but they continued with the journey. On the 6th night they stopped in a clearing to spend the night,. The wife and cart driver gathered some wood and lit a fire a 10-15 yards away from the cart (which contained the dead husband). The moonlight was good that night because it revealed the 'animal' that had been following them for so many days. Near midnight they were sitting around the fire when they saw a human like face very far away behind some rocks, it disappeared as they saw it. They got nervous for a sec but then decided to ignore it as the visibility was poor, so may be it was some animal. After sometime they again saw that human-like face but this time a bit nearer and again it disappeared. They kept seeing it from time to time and they kept ignoring it but every time it was getting closer. But after sometime it stopped appearing, it didn't appear for a few hours, so that the wife and cart driver forgot about it. They weren't going to sleep after all that had happened so kept on chatting while sitting around the fire.
Amidst all this the wife heard a crackling sound from the direction of the cart and she threw an instinctive glance towards it and what she saw there was the most horrifying event of her life There was this large GOAT who was leaning into the cart, chewing on her husband and trying to pull him out, the size of the goat is what scared her it was too large to be a normal goat. She screamed, this got the drivers attention who went pale on looking at the creature. They were both frozen to their seats while the 'Goat' ignoring them completely went on with it's chewing and pulling. Suddenly the wife got a burst of anger seeing this thing chew her just dead husband, she picked one of the firewood and ran like a mad-woman towards the creature screaming out loud. This somehow scared the thing and it decide to run away but that's when she saw it's humanly face ! it was a near human face except the skin looked thicker and paler and it had big wild eyes. Within seconds the thing ran far out of sight into the woods.
In the end it turned out that the wife had to take a detour to a near by river to dispose her half chewed and now rotting husband. She never went back to her home city instead she started a new life at a new place. She tried to do some research on that creature she had seen but no one had ever encountered it before, so it remained an unsolved mystery.

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